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Deliverance First Ministries Video Gallery

DFM Ministries

Minister of Music 


Edward Crowder Sr and JehoVah's Praise Worship Group

Singing at Saint Matthews Temple COGIC in December 2011 Music Concert. 

Junior Deacon and Youth Musician

Edward Crowder Jr

Playing at the National Music and Youth Conference 2013.

Youth Minister

Naomi S. Broadus

Singing at Youth Revival at Greater Highway Church in Utica New York


JeHovah's Newly Anointed Praise Dancers DFM Minisries

Praise Dance for Mothers Day Luncheon 2013.

Youth Minister

Randall C. Beavers

2011 CLG National Youth Congress 

First Youth Church Praise Dancers of Utica New York and others at CLG Music Conference 2012

First Youth Church of the Living God P.G.T of Utica New York Praise Dancers other Dioceses from around the country dancing at our National Music Conference

Make a Way for Me National CLG Childrens Choir- Conference Kids Choir


CLG Conference Kids Choir at the National Music Conference 2011 in Hartford CT. Great video of the kids singing.. and a pretty good drummer too!!! (He's only 6 Years Old

Deliverance First Ministries Dance Ministry Presents "Power in the Name of Jesus Praise Dance"

Break every chain Praise Dance presented by Deliverance First and First Youth under the direction of Pastor Kathy L Hughes and Youth Pastor Jamina Lilley.

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